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Jade & Sophie – A Little Island Loving

ALS Scan Jade and Sophie naked by the poolJade & Sophie dreamed of one day visiting the islands, now that they were in St. Martin they weren’t going to pass up the chance of a lifetime to really enjoy themselves.

They began their vacation together out near the water. They were both so excited about spending this time together, they decided to get naked right away!

Jade could not control herself and just had to reach over and give Sophie a little kiss. Sophie, of course, did not argue. She opened her mouth, very willingly, and let Jade slip her tounge deep inside her mouth. Jade wanted to give Sophie a “taste” of what to expect later on!

The two of them sat out on the lounge chair, kissing and caressing each other’s soft, sexy, little bodies. Feeling the warmth of the sun, and Jade’s soft, tender touch, Sophie was so turned on that she started to orgasm, before Jade could move in on her mound! As Jade began to feel the moisture between Sophie’s legs and the thrusts of her hips, she knew she had to take her to the next level of this sweet love that they shared.

Jade & Sophie, spent their entire vacation, making sweet love to each other! And, if you want to witness the passion that these two share then you will need to tune into ALS Scan. You will feel like you are right there with them!

Two young lovers under a waterfall

Met-Art brings to the table some of the most beautiful young girls on earth. These two teen lovers are caught naked under the waterfall, their tight young bodies, wet and hot, yearn for the release that only your lover can give. Join us at Met-Art and enjoy the most beautiful young girls ever

Two beautiful naked girls in the bath

Take a swim with these two hot naked girls as they climb into the bath and get their sexy teen bodies extra clean. Sintima and Ingeborga come to us from the mighty Met-Art and are just a small sample of the fantastic girls that you can view at Met-Art.

Martina & Vlada – Hot, Wet and Sexy

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Monika & Sasha Getting Wet Down at the Beach

Join the beautiful Monika and Sasha for a day down at the beach, as they make love in the warm sun, work on their incredible tans and play with their tiny teen titties and tight little bodies.  Join MPL Studios in this hot photo shoot for Got Girlz…

Monika and Sasha have been teasing each other about a trip to the beach for quite a while, and once they finallt got down by the water they couldn’t help but to get out of their tight little bikini’s and into the water.

Once they got naked their feelings took over and they couldn’t stop their love from getting the best of their day, laying in the sun, tasting each others incredible naked pussies, rubbing lotion over their breasts and tiny asses.

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Wet Dreams with Kirsten & Paulina

Take a dip with the sexy teens here… Kirsten & Paulina get wet all over just for the Got Girlz viewers.

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Lidiya and Lana Get Wet on the High Seas

Lidiya & Lana are best friends and they love to get hot, wet and naked out on their boat.

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Niza & Lana playing naked at the beach with Met-Art and Got Girlz

Check out Niza & Lana as they get down and really dirty playing at the beach, frolicking in the water and playing with each other.

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Narkiss & Natalia – The Nude Beach

Picture yourself walking along a nice, quiet, secluded beach. It is a beautiful, sunny day, there is a slight, warm breeze, you hear the sounds of the ocean and you are at peace with the world… well… if only for a few moments!

Narkiss & Natalia Met ArtSo there you are, walking along, deep in thought about life, and then you stumble upon this lovely site! “Wow”, you think to yourself, “have I gone that far? Did I hit the nude beach? How did that happen?” Doesn’t even matter, right? What you are witnessing, is the playful love that Narkiss & Natalia are sharing, right before your very eyes! Yes, go ahead and say it (to yourself of course) I am a lucky devil!

Narkiss & Natalia are two very sweet, wholesome young women, who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company… especially when they are naked on the beach.

They both feel very comfortable with their sexy, trim bodies. And, as you have noticed, they both like to leave a little tuft of hair between their legs. And you think to yourself, “this is refreshing”. We are so used to seeing the shaved, naked look (which is very sexy too) but it is nice to see a little hair there, as long as it is nice and trim. It definitely works with these two… so very natural.Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Narkiss & Natalia notice you watching them. They both smile, expressing complete contentment with this. And… they are thinking of putting on a little show for you. As you are about to explode with sheer excitement, just from seeing them naked together, the ultimate fantasy happens right before your eyes! These two sexy, little ladies are making wild, passionate (and a little naughty) love within 20 feet of you! This is an awesome site. You thought you were about to explode moments ago… when you just can’t take it anymore. You have to touch yourself.  These two have turned you on so much that you have to release that pressure!

Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Oh my God… what an incredible experience! One that you will treasure forever… and tell all or your friends, of course!

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Nella & Carli – Caribbean Creampuffs

ALS Scans Nella and Carli naked by the poolPeeking through the blinds out to the pool only made it harder to come out of your room, seeing the two beautiful women out at the pool enjoying each other just made the tent you were pitching that much more noticeable.

Nella & Carli had arrived that morning and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them as they checked in, now they were in their bikinis out by the pool and from the looks of it their bikinis weren’t going to be on them for very long.

Dark haired Nella has that incredibly hot look, obviously european, obviously very sexual, very much in control of her emotions and right now all of her emotions were focused on Carli. Carli, blonde and beautiful has more of a California look, a little bit softer than Nella, simply stunning.

As Nella and Carli untied each others tops and slipped them off you could see that each of them had incredibly beautiful medium sized breasts that they obviously enjoyed showing, as their hands caressed each other you could see that the breasts were real and the sun was turning each of the girls on.

ALS Scans Nella and Carli enjoying a caress by the poolAs the bottoms fell off and the hands and lips continued searching each others soft curves you couldn’t miss that each of the girls were completely shaved where it matters, and what seemed to matter was that they were lost in each others moist caresses, their tongues drawing each of them into a world that you never thought that you would see in person…

The shots here are just a small sampleing of what you can see on ALS Scan, Nella & Carli being just a sampling of the incredibly sexy naked girls that will keep you stuck in your room as well.