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Jade & Sophie – A Little Island Loving

ALS Scan Jade and Sophie naked by the poolJade & Sophie dreamed of one day visiting the islands, now that they were in St. Martin they weren’t going to pass up the chance of a lifetime to really enjoy themselves.

They began their vacation together out near the water. They were both so excited about spending this time together, they decided to get naked right away!

Jade could not control herself and just had to reach over and give Sophie a little kiss. Sophie, of course, did not argue. She opened her mouth, very willingly, and let Jade slip her tounge deep inside her mouth. Jade wanted to give Sophie a “taste” of what to expect later on!

The two of them sat out on the lounge chair, kissing and caressing each other’s soft, sexy, little bodies. Feeling the warmth of the sun, and Jade’s soft, tender touch, Sophie was so turned on that she started to orgasm, before Jade could move in on her mound! As Jade began to feel the moisture between Sophie’s legs and the thrusts of her hips, she knew she had to take her to the next level of this sweet love that they shared.

Jade & Sophie, spent their entire vacation, making sweet love to each other! And, if you want to witness the passion that these two share then you will need to tune into ALS Scan. You will feel like you are right there with them!

Brynn, Lexi & Heather – So Cal Hot – from Got Girls

gODDESS - beauty is divines three naked beautiesI wish they all could be Southern California Girls… The Beach Boys had it right from the very beginning, they were the gods of the surf culture, and they knew their girls.

Brynn, Lexi & Heather are adorable So Cal girls, sexy, tan, incredible little bodies each of these babes has small perky breasts, each of these sweethearts has, not only beautifully tight bodies, but each is shaved completely naked in their most private of areas.

We all love all three of these girls playful spirits, teasing each other, sticking their tongues out, and you will be amazed at the length of some of these tongues, the better to lick you with my dear.

gODDESS - beauty is divines three naked beauties showing their behindsYou can see all three of these beauties in there most sensuous nakedness, arms around each other, playfully aroused, enjoying the moment, and letting all of us revel in their innocence and classically California laid back lusciousness.

Check out Brynn, Lexi & Heather at gODDESS – beauty is divine, you won’t be disappointed.

Carribean Cuties, Loving in the Afternoon


Dive into something good with Carli & Nella in the Caribbean, these two girls are sooooo hot, and they definitely enjoy making each other VERY happy. Check out these shots over at ALS Scan, All Ladies Shaved, All Ladies Hot…Caribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-Scan

Jenny & Deb, Sexy Summer Camp

Only Cuties girls naked at campWhen Jenny first met Deb at camp they were quite a bit younger, they became best friends and couldn’t wait to see each other every summer… Now that they are camp counselors they couldn’t wait to get back together and catch up on what they were doing in their lives.

Seeing Deb walk up the trail to the camp, Jenny felt a twitch between her legs that she didn’t remember being there before, and she definitely spent more time checking out Deb’s body then she remembered, and what a body it had turned out to be.

After spending the day, and most of the evening, catching up on what was going on, they got a good nights sleep and looked forward to spending the next day together, before the kids showed up and it became all work again.

Only Cuties girls naked at campJenny grabbed Deb first thing in the morning and asked her to come on down to the lake for a swim before breakfast. Deb, remembering how they are best friends, didn’t worry about just slipping out of her nightgown and into her bikini. Seeing Deb naked was more than Jenny expected, and the way that it took her breath away was better then she had thought it would be.

Once they got out to the lake, Jenny kept thinking about how she felt, and decided to take a chance and tell Deb what was going on. Jenny didn’t know what to expect, but she sure didn’t see it coming when Deb grabbed her close and kissed her full and hard on the lips. This was all Jenny could take, and before she knew it they were both naked. Jenny couldn’t believe how good it felt to take Deb’s breast’s into her hands and slip a nipple into her mouth, but it felt even better as Deb slipped two fingers inside her and flicked her tongue across her most private parts, they both had their best orgasm’s of their young lives that day, and all the other camp counselors commented on the beautiful noises they heard from the lake, Jenny and Deb just blushed, and smiled.

Only Cuties girls naked at campTheir summer at camp was even better then the ever imagined, they were closer then ever, and the times that they slipped away from everybody and made love to each other were the beginning of a great love affair.

Set up your tent over at Only Cuties to see even more of Jenny & Deb, we haven’t even shown you the best parts, but Only Cuties will.

Sandy & Trish – Island Love Affair

ALS Scan Sandy and Trish naked on the islandSandy, Trish and I planned this vacation for the longest time, there was always something that made us put it off, but suddenly we found ourselves all open at the same time, no work commitments, no family commitments, and most importantly, no boyfriend commitments.

All we could talk about the whole way to the islands was how much fun we were going to have, party every night, and lay out at the pool every day, we were all hoping that we would bring home some island guys for a little fun as well, but that wasn’t mandatory.

We all shared a suite so we could spend more time together, it worked out great as we all seemed to open up even more than usual, and after the first night in the room we all knew that we weren’t going to need to bring home any island guys this trip.

Sandy & Trish are smoking hot blonds, the guys, and many of the girls, just drool all over them anytime that they are out, they both have small bodies with the cutest little sporty breasts. When we first got there we all decided to take a swim, none of us are embarrassed about nudity, so we all just stripped down to get into our bikinis, and we had a good laugh when we saw that we all had shaved ourselves exactly the same for this trip, not a hair among us. It seems that we all thought we would surprise the other with how risque we were… gotta love it.

ALS Scan Sandy and Trish naked on the islandWhen we got out to the pool we stretched out, got some drinks, and started talking, as usual the topic turned to sex. We were all feeling good, and had the sun beating down on us, so as the conversation heated up, we heated up, and one by one our hands slipped inside our bikinis, it was an incredible sight, three blonds laying out by the pool, drinking and fingering ourselves. I was surprised, but very happy, when Trish & Sandy got up, took their bikinis off and started to touch each other… and I was really enjoying the view when Sandy bent Trish over and started to lick her from her ass to her pussy and back. I swear I must have cum 4 or 5 times while watching them getting off, by the time they had cum, I had set the camera down and got my face nice and wet in their juices as well.

Come on over to ALS Scan to see the entire set of pics from the island trip, we got much more into each other over the days we were there, from licking to sucking, fisting to strap-on, we couldn’t get enough of each other, and I’m sure you won’t either…