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Billy, Crystal & Sylva – Totally Threesome

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Klaudia & Blue Angel from ALS Scan

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Caecilia, Rose & Lana – The Dream Threesome

My two friends, Caecilia and Rose came over last night for a slumber party, and just FYI, we did not slumber as much as people thought we would.

It all started innocently, we got together to watch a movie, and gossip about everybody, we’d done it many times before, talking about our jobs, talking about our boyfriends, just screwing around. We had a blast watching the movie, Rose made popcorn and we just kicked back and enjoyed ourselves. After the movie we started talking, the topics started to get sexual, which they always did, and then Caecilia surprised us by telling us that she had experimented with a woman less than a month ago. Rose and I couldn’t stop asking her questions about what had happened, how it was, how it felt, everything.

Caecilia was telling us about her experience, how much she loved it, how it opened her eyes to what she had been missing. To tell you the truth, I had thought about it many times before, I had made myself feel good as often as I could while thinking about it, but I was too embarrassed to actually tell anyone about it.

As Caecilia was telling us about what she had done I felt that familiar warmth between my legs and I put my pillow there so that it put some pressure on my pussy, but I was also afraid that Rose and Caecilia would see the wet spot that was rapidly growing on my panties.

Just as I was about to excuse myself and slip into the bathroom to take care of my problem I heard Rose let out a tiny moan and I noticed that she had her pillow in her lap as well, but her hand was down under the pillow and her eyes were closed, I hadn’t even noticed until now that Caecilia had her hand down between her legs as well, but she didn’t even bother with the pillow. My eyes were glued to her hand as she slowly was rubbing her pussy lips, I noticed that her fingers were soaking wet by now and I could just see her tiny little love button peeking out as she was rubbing herself.

Being that it was my party and I was the hostess, I decided to take the matter into my hands and I totally surprised both Caecilia and Rose when I reached out and started rubbing both of their pussies. I couldn’t believe how wet they already were, of course this really broke the ice, and soon we were all totally entangled in each others arms, legs, and everything else.

Well to make a long, long story short, last night I tasted pussy for the first time (besides my own), as a matter of fact I tasted two pussies last night. I got to suck on 4 of the nicest titties I have ever seen. I had at least one orgasm with both Caecilia and Rose, and I fell in lust with both of my girlfriends.

We have already set another date for the three of us to have a sleepover, but this time we have all agreed to not waste our time watching a movie… I can’t wait, I am already starting to get wet.

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