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Narkiss & Natalia – The Nude Beach

Picture yourself walking along a nice, quiet, secluded beach. It is a beautiful, sunny day, there is a slight, warm breeze, you hear the sounds of the ocean and you are at peace with the world… well… if only for a few moments!

Narkiss & Natalia Met ArtSo there you are, walking along, deep in thought about life, and then you stumble upon this lovely site! “Wow”, you think to yourself, “have I gone that far? Did I hit the nude beach? How did that happen?” Doesn’t even matter, right? What you are witnessing, is the playful love that Narkiss & Natalia are sharing, right before your very eyes! Yes, go ahead and say it (to yourself of course) I am a lucky devil!

Narkiss & Natalia are two very sweet, wholesome young women, who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company… especially when they are naked on the beach.

They both feel very comfortable with their sexy, trim bodies. And, as you have noticed, they both like to leave a little tuft of hair between their legs. And you think to yourself, “this is refreshing”. We are so used to seeing the shaved, naked look (which is very sexy too) but it is nice to see a little hair there, as long as it is nice and trim. It definitely works with these two… so very natural.Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Narkiss & Natalia notice you watching them. They both smile, expressing complete contentment with this. And… they are thinking of putting on a little show for you. As you are about to explode with sheer excitement, just from seeing them naked together, the ultimate fantasy happens right before your eyes! These two sexy, little ladies are making wild, passionate (and a little naughty) love within 20 feet of you! This is an awesome site. You thought you were about to explode moments ago… when you just can’t take it anymore. You have to touch yourself.  These two have turned you on so much that you have to release that pressure!

Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Oh my God… what an incredible experience! One that you will treasure forever… and tell all or your friends, of course!

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Sweet Lilya and Friend Really Got Girls Hot!!

What can we tell you about Sweet Lilya, she is one hot Russian babe that loves to bring all of us deep into her private life.

Lilya rarely brings her friends into this private vision, but when she does she really goes straight to the top and brings a beautiful blond in to play around on the beach naked. Got Girlz is proud to deliver this lovely vision of teen beauty to you, and promises that if you step into Lilya’s world, you’ll have a hard time stepping out…

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Got Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend at the beachGot Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend at the beach getting hotGot Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend showing their naked bodiesGot Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend sitting on rocks showing naked pussiesGot Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend naked showing great assesGot Girls brings Sweet Lilya and her hot friend naked leaning on rocks

Yara and Mika, Riding Bareback…

Come and see Yara and Mika from Met-Art. These two ladies are enjoying a day of horseback riding… together. Make sure to tune into Met-Art and join their gallery… you will not be disappointed!

You Know What They Say About Girls Who Shower Together…

FM Teens Girls Scrubbing Each OtherKelly and Lisa work out together every day, religiously, they get up early, stretch out and work themselves until they are exhausted.

They always take turns showering, first Kelly, since she has to be to work first, then Lisa. Today Lisa had an appointment, she had to be there early or she would miss her chance… so unexpectedly she slipped into the shower with Kelly.

Kelly was surprised, but happily surprised would be the best way to describe it, she had been wondering how to get Lisa naked with her for quite some time, she had been checking out her beautiful breasts and that, oh so perfect tan that she could never get, and now she would get her chance to check out the rest of her beautiful friend.

At first Kelly couldn’t believe her eyes, Lisa looked even better then she had dreamed, tight and firm, and she noticed that Lisa was shaved just as clean as she was between her legs. Lisa made a comment about how sore she was from the workout, so being the good Samaritan that she was Kelly offered to soap up her best friend. Rubbing the soap across Lisa’s breasts, Kelly spent as much time as she dared before her desires were found out, but as Lisa let out a little moan, Kelly knew she was going to fulfill her most sensual fantasy.

FM Teens Girls Naked in the ShowerSliding her hands down between Lisa’s legs she soaped up the most incredible pussy she could imagine, soft and smooth, firm and tight. She surprised Lisa as she slipped a finger inside her, and then another, as she found Lisa’s “G” spot, Lisa started to let out a soft whimper, which quickly turned into a deep scream as her whole body shuddered in orgasmic convulsions.

Lisa grabbed her friend around the neck and pressed her lips firmly against Kelly’s mouth, slipping her tongue deep inside. As she pressed Kelly up against the back of the shower, she dropped to her knees and softly slipped her tongue inside Kelly’s pussy. As the moans echoed through the house they both knew they were going to be late to get their days started, and didn’t really care.

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Amy Lee, Brea and Sandy – Tropical Delight

ALS Scan Girls Kissing in the PoolPicture yourself on a tropical island, staying at a beautiful resort, surrounded by the hottest girls you have ever seen, the sun beating down, the pool cooling things off, and the girls heating things up…

For your enjoyment, we present three of the most fantastic young girls ever, all three of them hotter than the sun, all three hornier then the other. Brea, Amy Lee & Sandy were hired for a simple photo-shoot, only bikinis, no nudity, no hassles. The only problem was that the contract also said tha they couldn’t fraternize with the locals, or the crew, three weeks without any guys was more than these hotties were counting on.

Each morning they would shower and get dressed together, picking out the perfect bikini, adjusting each other, feeling the warm skin against their hands. Each day the were out in the sun, half naked, holding each other close for the perfect shot. As the days went by they noticed that their touches would linger just a bit longer than before, their fingers would slip just a little closer to heaven, creating a moistness in their bodies that was just barely perceptible.

After two weeks of this teasing things were becoming unbearable, each of the beautiful young girls had taken to pleasing themselves with their own fingers, their minds filled with visions of the others girls naked bodies as they showered, remembering they soft touches on their breasts, the fingers that slipped lightly between their legs as they were helping each other dress.

ALS Scan Girls Tasting The DelightsFinally they were going to get a day off. Waking up late, all three headed down to the pool for a swim and a little more tan before lunch. Diving into the pool to cool off, Brea & Sandy splashed each other playfully, than their desires took over, as Brea pulled Sandy close she pressed her lips firmly against Sandy’s, than as Sandy slid her tongue into Brea’s mouth, she sucked on it, making sure that Sandy knew exactly what she was going to do once she got between her legs.

As the three of them let their pent up desires take hold, their inhibitions crumbled, slipping their tops off, they caressed each others breasts, slipping the bikini bottoms aside, their tongues darted inside the soft folds of each others pussies, sucking on the lips they tasted the most incredible tastes, they softly licked the closest pussy that they could find. Each girl was completely shaved, perfect for bikini modeling, even more so for licking, sometimes two of the girls would latch onto the nearest body, licking from the front and back, completely overwhelming the girl of their desires.

By lunch time, Amy Lee, Brea & Sandy had cum so many times that they just curled up in each others arms and slept the afternoon away, luckily this hadn’t relieved them of their desires, it just made two of their rooms empty and their evenings much more fun – the muffled screams coming from their room every night was music to everyone’s ears, and the shoot was a huge success, for everyone involved.

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