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Jana & Sofia – In a Christmas Mood

Hegre-Art Jana and Sofia naked hugging each otherChristmas all year round – isn’t that what you always wanted, well, have we got a deal for you.

Jana & Sofia have always loved Christmas too, and just for fun they have decided to give themselves the gift of love this year, and we are enjoying the gift of lust while watching them.

Hegre-Art Jana and Sofia naked rubbing their bodies togetherDark haired Jana has brought a pair of small gifts to the affair, small but perfectly formed and as perky as can be. She brings the beauty of youth with her 19 year old body, and she obviously has already received a razor, because she is naked as can be in her most intimate of areas. Sofia is a red hot blond with larger breasts, but we think she has been given the gift of a perfectly shaved body as well.

You will be jumping for Jana when you get a look of these two stunning babes, pussy to pussy, incredible legs wrapped in long red stockings, completely naked and sharing their gifts with each other.

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Olya C. & Olya O… It’s Playtime!

Olya C. & Olya O. are two very sexy women who have been in this relationship only for a short time. They have shared some good times together, but were REALLY ready to take their relationship to the next level.

They both wanted to have a “different” experience. A “playful” experience. An incredible, earth moving experience!!

So, on this one particular evening, as they sipped their champagne, they both began to feel all warm inside. This instantly set the mood for what was about to happen!

They started caressing each others breasts, and as they both were feeling the incredible moistness between their legs, they began to kiss, frantically, as if they were taking each others very last breath, inhaling the warmth and the wetness that came with each breath they took.

This kissing went on for a very long time, they just couldn’t get enough of each other. They were so turned on at this point, neither one wanted to wait to cum. So they laid down on the bed, in a twisted, sexy sixty-nine position and began to please each other, again, frantically! They were moaning loudly with sheer delight, pure ecstasy… the love sounds coming out of these two beautiful women was incredible. As they both came multiple times, they knew that they have taken their relationship to the right place!

Make sure to tune into Met-Art, and share in joy of watching these two together at “their playtime”… it will make you REALLY happy!

The Wedding Party

FM Teens - Doing the dress upMy friends and I have always had a penchant for dressing up, and then dressing down to our completely naked bodies, sometimes we dress up as businesswomen, sometimes nurses, sometimes fashion models, and sometimes for a wedding…

We always try to go all out, doing our hair up, makeup, everything that makes us feel special and pretty. We spend so much time half dressed during these times, that we can’t be blamed for getting a little frisky, I usually like to act playful at first, pulling on the tops, slipping a hand softly inside a pair of panties, you know, just a little fun.

Usually I am more than a little hot by this time, I try to hide the small spots of wetness spreading across the front of my panties, but actually I am hoping that it gets noticed. FM Teens - Behind the scenesAs we get closer and closer to being completely naked I will brush my fingers and lips softly across my friends bodies, just bringing the level of sexual desire up a little higher in the room. Before we know it we are all a little dizzy from the desire, we are all quite moist and we all pretty much know what is going to happen, the clothes come off and we start to explore each other, sometimes for the first time, sometimes we have been in this position many times before.

I’m lucky in that I love all kinds of people, boys and girls, all kinds of bodies – some of my friends are built just like me, small breasts, tight little tasty behinds, some are more voluptuous, with full breasts that I just love to lick and squeeze, all of my friends are incredibly open and beautiful people that luckily love to do a little dress up in the afternoon.

Join us over at FM Teens for a little dress up, we wont leave you out of the party… promise!!!