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Jade & Sophie – A Little Island Loving

ALS Scan Jade and Sophie naked by the poolJade & Sophie dreamed of one day visiting the islands, now that they were in St. Martin they weren’t going to pass up the chance of a lifetime to really enjoy themselves.

They began their vacation together out near the water. They were both so excited about spending this time together, they decided to get naked right away!

Jade could not control herself and just had to reach over and give Sophie a little kiss. Sophie, of course, did not argue. She opened her mouth, very willingly, and let Jade slip her tounge deep inside her mouth. Jade wanted to give Sophie a “taste” of what to expect later on!

The two of them sat out on the lounge chair, kissing and caressing each other’s soft, sexy, little bodies. Feeling the warmth of the sun, and Jade’s soft, tender touch, Sophie was so turned on that she started to orgasm, before Jade could move in on her mound! As Jade began to feel the moisture between Sophie’s legs and the thrusts of her hips, she knew she had to take her to the next level of this sweet love that they shared.

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Nella & Carli – Caribbean Creampuffs

ALS Scans Nella and Carli naked by the poolPeeking through the blinds out to the pool only made it harder to come out of your room, seeing the two beautiful women out at the pool enjoying each other just made the tent you were pitching that much more noticeable.

Nella & Carli had arrived that morning and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of them as they checked in, now they were in their bikinis out by the pool and from the looks of it their bikinis weren’t going to be on them for very long.

Dark haired Nella has that incredibly hot look, obviously european, obviously very sexual, very much in control of her emotions and right now all of her emotions were focused on Carli. Carli, blonde and beautiful has more of a California look, a little bit softer than Nella, simply stunning.

As Nella and Carli untied each others tops and slipped them off you could see that each of them had incredibly beautiful medium sized breasts that they obviously enjoyed showing, as their hands caressed each other you could see that the breasts were real and the sun was turning each of the girls on.

ALS Scans Nella and Carli enjoying a caress by the poolAs the bottoms fell off and the hands and lips continued searching each others soft curves you couldn’t miss that each of the girls were completely shaved where it matters, and what seemed to matter was that they were lost in each others moist caresses, their tongues drawing each of them into a world that you never thought that you would see in person…

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GG Girls Gone Wild

Carribean Cuties, Loving in the Afternoon


Dive into something good with Carli & Nella in the Caribbean, these two girls are sooooo hot, and they definitely enjoy making each other VERY happy. Check out these shots over at ALS Scan, All Ladies Shaved, All Ladies Hot…Caribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-Scan

Linda & Devin – Poolside Partnership

Sapphic Erotica Linda and Devin NakedLinda and Devin are known for being just a little more risque then their friends, the don’t mind getting just a little bit carefree, dancing together at the local club, kissing while in public, sometimes making out when they know that someone can catch them.

They really like their time out by the pool, they are both sun-worshipers, they love the way the heat warms them up, and they always tend to get mare than close when they are poolside, they tend to get naked and they tend to get wet, whether they go in the pool or not.

Today was one of those days, as they hit the pool area they started to talk about their favorite subject, SEX… and as they were talking they each started to touch themselves, first with just a casual rub across a nipple, then a simple slip of a hand inside a pair of panties, soon their tops were tossed to the side as they dove in to lick and suck on each others beautiful nipples.

Sapphic Erotica Linda and Devin NakedSeeing the perfect opening, Devin ripped off Linda’s panties with her teeth and grabbed the dildo that she had brought out, knowing that Linda couldn’t resist a good ravishing by her dildo. They were both dripping wet by now, so slipping a couple of fingers inside herself she rubbed the dildo down and got it nice and slippery. Sliding the dildo deep inside each of their pussies, the two girls spent a good part of the morning making love to each other, their orgasm’s were deep and long, they fell asleep knowing full well that they would more than likely repeat this episode in the evening at home.

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Amy Lee, Brea and Sandy – Tropical Delight

ALS Scan Girls Kissing in the PoolPicture yourself on a tropical island, staying at a beautiful resort, surrounded by the hottest girls you have ever seen, the sun beating down, the pool cooling things off, and the girls heating things up…

For your enjoyment, we present three of the most fantastic young girls ever, all three of them hotter than the sun, all three hornier then the other. Brea, Amy Lee & Sandy were hired for a simple photo-shoot, only bikinis, no nudity, no hassles. The only problem was that the contract also said tha they couldn’t fraternize with the locals, or the crew, three weeks without any guys was more than these hotties were counting on.

Each morning they would shower and get dressed together, picking out the perfect bikini, adjusting each other, feeling the warm skin against their hands. Each day the were out in the sun, half naked, holding each other close for the perfect shot. As the days went by they noticed that their touches would linger just a bit longer than before, their fingers would slip just a little closer to heaven, creating a moistness in their bodies that was just barely perceptible.

After two weeks of this teasing things were becoming unbearable, each of the beautiful young girls had taken to pleasing themselves with their own fingers, their minds filled with visions of the others girls naked bodies as they showered, remembering they soft touches on their breasts, the fingers that slipped lightly between their legs as they were helping each other dress.

ALS Scan Girls Tasting The DelightsFinally they were going to get a day off. Waking up late, all three headed down to the pool for a swim and a little more tan before lunch. Diving into the pool to cool off, Brea & Sandy splashed each other playfully, than their desires took over, as Brea pulled Sandy close she pressed her lips firmly against Sandy’s, than as Sandy slid her tongue into Brea’s mouth, she sucked on it, making sure that Sandy knew exactly what she was going to do once she got between her legs.

As the three of them let their pent up desires take hold, their inhibitions crumbled, slipping their tops off, they caressed each others breasts, slipping the bikini bottoms aside, their tongues darted inside the soft folds of each others pussies, sucking on the lips they tasted the most incredible tastes, they softly licked the closest pussy that they could find. Each girl was completely shaved, perfect for bikini modeling, even more so for licking, sometimes two of the girls would latch onto the nearest body, licking from the front and back, completely overwhelming the girl of their desires.

By lunch time, Amy Lee, Brea & Sandy had cum so many times that they just curled up in each others arms and slept the afternoon away, luckily this hadn’t relieved them of their desires, it just made two of their rooms empty and their evenings much more fun – the muffled screams coming from their room every night was music to everyone’s ears, and the shoot was a huge success, for everyone involved.

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Adela & Susana – Sweet Love by the Poolside

As Adela strolled out to the pool she knew that she was going to be in for a treat… There was Susana laying out by the pool, completely naked, getting warmed by the heat of the sun. Adela gazed lovingly at the beads of sweat slowly dripping down from Susana’s breasts, starting at the beautiful nipples and flowing between her soft mounds and pooling up on her chest before running down between her legs. All that Adela could think of was how much she would love to be that bead of sweat right now.

As she walked over next to Susana, Susana lifted with a jolt to cover herself with a towel, Adela giggled and told her not to cover up just for her benefit, Susana set the towel back down and with a sheepish grin asked if Adela would mind rubbing some lotion on her back. Adela took this as the perfect invitation and she slipped in close, hoping that Susana wouldn’t notice that even though she had just stepped out into the sun, she was just as moist as Susana was between her legs, but for completely different reasons. rubbing lotion on Susana’s back, Adela couldn’t help but to reach around and softly cup the breasts that she had so recently longed for, hearing the soft groan and the way that Susana pushed back at her with her hips, Adela moved in for the kill.

Laying Susana back and spreading her legs, Adela take a deep breath and sucked the musky smell deep into her lungs, slipping her tongue softly between the legs that were parted in front of her, Adela took Susana to places that she had never been before. The heat of the day just added to the emotions, and soon they were both writhing in ecstasy, their faces covered in the beautiful juices of their lover, their bodies spent from an afternoon of sweet love by the poolside.

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