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Monika & Sasha Getting Wet Down at the Beach

Join the beautiful Monika and Sasha for a day down at the beach, as they make love in the warm sun, work on their incredible tans and play with their tiny teen titties and tight little bodies.  Join MPL Studios in this hot photo shoot for Got Girlz…

Monika and Sasha have been teasing each other about a trip to the beach for quite a while, and once they finallt got down by the water they couldn’t help but to get out of their tight little bikini’s and into the water.

Once they got naked their feelings took over and they couldn’t stop their love from getting the best of their day, laying in the sun, tasting each others incredible naked pussies, rubbing lotion over their breasts and tiny asses.

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Alisa & Scarlet, naked with red rose on sofa

Got Girlz is proud to bring two beautiful naked young girls holding each other close, playing with each others young nubile bodies. Join MPL Studios as they introduce you to Alisa & Scarlet and as they take us down this path of exploration.
MPL Studios and Got Girls present Alisa and Scarlet, young and nakedGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, on sofa naked holding each otherGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, on sofa touching breastsGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, standing by sofa with red roseGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, standing by sofa with red rose showing assGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, standing by sofa with red rose holding each otherGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, on sofa sucking nipplesGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, on sofa sucking nipples spreading legsGot Girls - Alisa and Scarlet, on floor holding each other closely

Tiffany & Alizeya, Naked Teens, Desert Heat

MPL Studios Tiffany and Alizeya naked in the desertThis year our class took a trip to the desert camp for vacation, luckily the two hottest girls in school signed up early, and I made sure to sign up and bring all of my camera gear just in case.

Once we got to the camp we all got a chance to ride the camels, work the camp, all of the normal things you have to do.

Our first day off was absolutely perfect for taking some pics so I grabbed my equipment and got ready to take a walk out to the lake next to the camp, Tiffany & Alizeya saw me getting things ready and asked if they could come with, being the horn-dog that I am I said sure and started thinking of ways to get them in the shots.

Getting out to the water I was thinking how to get the girls to loosen up when they both smiled at me, looked at each other and kissed, I just about dropped my camera in the water, but pulled things together and started clicking off shots. Tiffany & Alizeya had no inhibitions and started pulling their clothes off and posing for me to take pics, they had obviously spent a lot of time in the buff with each other because they knew exactly what felt good to each other and what they wanted to do for me as the photographer.

MPL Studios Tiffany and Alizeya naked in the desertI shot for hours, reveling in their beauty, they both have the perfect small breasts that I dig, and tight, small bodies that show off their great asses. Tiffany has the cutest freckles on her face and the most incredible shaved pussy that I just adore, Alizeya is just as cute, with her bangs and her trimmed pussy.

We spent the entire vacation together and I got a lot more picsof these two sexy girls, you can enjoy all of the pics, with a lot more to show, on MPL Studios. You won’t be dissappointed, I know I wasn’t.

Nata & Alisa Naked in the Scarlet Room

Hello, my name is Alisa, and I love girls. I don’t know where my infatuation with girls comes from, my friends don’t really understand, but they have always been there for me, and they all love Nata as much as I do, so it’s all cool.

My love for Nata started the second I met her, and continues to this day. When I look at her my heart skips a beat and my breath comes in little gasps. I love her silky red hair, her soft lips, the way that she smells in the morning, the way that she tastes when we are making love. The first time I slipped her top off and saw her breasts I couldn’t believe how sexy they were, not as small as mine, but perfectly shaped and so, so, sensitive.

As you can see from these pictures, Nata loves touching me as well, she once slipped her hand inside my top when we were at the park, I thought everyone could see, but of course it was all in my imagination, but it certainly wasn’t my imagination that was making my nipples erect, it was Nata’s fingers gently brushing against them… I swear you could see my nipples through my top for the entire rest of the day, I never blushed so much before.

Luckily Nata’s fingers know how to work between my legs as well, the first time she slipped two fingers inside me I thought I was going to faint, then when she brought her fingers up between our lips as she kissed me, I couldn’t get enough, I’ve always loved the way that I taste, but this was completely different, the smell, the taste, her lips, it was soooo intense. I think my favorite position is when we 69, we both keep ourselves trimmed the same, with just a small stripe of hair. I love to take her lips, which are a little longer than mine, into my mouth as I slip my tongue inside her, this really gets her going, which makes her wetter, which makes me happy, which makes me wetter… It’s a Domino effect that I love to start.

These pictures are just a starter, join MPL Studios today if you want to see the rest of our lovemaking session… You won’t be disappointed.

Love to my fans… Alisa.