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The fabulous foursome from X-Art

Maryjane and Presley from X-Art get out of the panties and get their boyfriends inside their tight bodies. The foursome that we all dream of. Click HERE to see all. HD video and pics.

Loving in the warmth of the sun

Anju and Kelly know how to enjoy the warmth of the sun, they strip down, soak up the sun and make love while the sun is hot. Take 1 blond and 1 dark haired beauty and you have the start of something great.

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Two young lovers under a waterfall

Met-Art brings to the table some of the most beautiful young girls on earth. These two teen lovers are caught naked under the waterfall, their tight young bodies, wet and hot, yearn for the release that only your lover can give. Join us at Met-Art and enjoy the most beautiful young girls ever

Two On Two, The Hottest Girls From Met-Art

These two girls are the hottest top 10 models from Met-Art, naked, tight, shaved and ready  to make love… Don’t miss out on the hottest girls ever, from the hottest site ever… Met-Art

Olivia and Vika – True Lust in the Evening

Step into a dream filled with love and lust as Olivia & Vika, 2 incredibly sexy young girls from Met-Art explore each other with their hands, fingers and tongues… Join Met-Art to get a lifetimes worth of the hottest young erotic girls in the world…

Irina & Alena… What a Beautiful Morning

Ahh… “good morning beautiful”.


This is how Irina & Alena welcome in a new day together. Especially after a night of sweet love. Irina reaches over to say good morning, and Alena welcomes her in with a soft, subtle kiss. These two sexy, little lovebirds seem to “still be in the mood”.


Their affection for one another has only grown stronger with each passing day.

There is so much passion between these two, it almost seems unreal. To us… only a fantasy. To them, it is a love that is everlasting. So very real and oh, so very hot!

It looks like Irina & Alena… won’t be getting out of bed any time soon. Good for them! And, good for us to have shared some of the “warmth” that permeates this happy little love nest!

IRINA and ALENA stay in bed today

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Wet Dreams with Kirsten & Paulina

Take a dip with the sexy teens here… Kirsten & Paulina get wet all over just for the Got Girlz viewers.

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Francesca & Mia – Beautiful, Sexy, gODDESS’ From Afar

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca and Mia just started working together, and something clicked when they first met, they have quickly become good friends, and very recently they have taken things to the next level.

Both Mia and Francesca are incredibly beautiful, very thin, very tight bodies with small, incredibly sexy breasts. Francesca, with her long luxurious blond hair and bright blue eyes just loves playing with Mia’s shorter black hair, running her fingers through it, and laughing at how easy it is to keep up compared to her longer hair. They both love laying out by the pool, and their tan-lines show that they don’t wear much when they are out there.

It was after one of these tanning sessions that things took a turn in their relationship. Coming into the house after laying out all morning, they both went to pull off their suits, Francesca couldn’t get hers untied and asked Mia to help. Mia, coming around behind her, quickly untied the bikini and let the ties fall, Francesca turned around and noticing that Mia was so close, and completely naked, she reached out to wipe a drop of sweat that was dripping off of Mia’s nipple.

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca giggled as she noticed that Mia’s nipples were as hard as could be, she couldn’t help the feelings that were growing inside her, but she couldn’t help herself and so she lowered her mouth to one of Mia’s nipples and took it between her full lips.

Mia couldn’t believe that this was happening, but had no problems with it at all as she was as hot inside as she was outside, and she was hoping to get her first experience with another girl with this sexy blond that she was standing naked next to.

Dropping to her knees, Mia got a close look at the moist, warm, completely bald pussy that she was always noticing from afar. Mia had thought of this before, but she never thought it would happen this way. Slowly she moved closer and took a full lick of Francesca, tasting the sweet nectar that was freely flowing from Francesca she let out a deep moan.

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca couldn’t stand it anymore, pushing Mia to the floor she spun around and took Mia’s sweet moistness into her mouth and pressed her pussy towards Mia’s mouth. These two sexy young women made the most fantastic sixty-nine that you could believe, and quickly came like never before, their juices flowing into each others mouth’s. They took each other to new heights throughout the day and late into the evening, and continue to this day.

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