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Femjoy Video… Jane, Sabina & Olivie

Check out this video from the Femjoy video series. You won’t want to miss watching these three hot, young ladies having some fun together! The quality of this video is so good that it is warm and definitely inviting. Enjoy!!

GG Girls Gone Wild

Girls, Girls, Girls – Tropical Vacation

Finally the girls were going to have a chance to just get away, vacation time – on a tropical island, getting away from it all… PARTY

Every day on the beach was wilder then the last, these girls finally have a chance to break it loose and just enjoy themselves.

As you can see, sex-on-the-beach isn’t just a drink anymore, and these girls let it all hang out, they came more than they ever thought they could, they were getting each other off, fisting each other, licking as much pussy as they could get, all in public, right on the beach.

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Carribean Cuties, Loving in the Afternoon


Dive into something good with Carli & Nella in the Caribbean, these two girls are sooooo hot, and they definitely enjoy making each other VERY happy. Check out these shots over at ALS Scan, All Ladies Shaved, All Ladies Hot…Caribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-ScanCaribbean Cuties from ALS-Scan

Liza and Jenya Slip off to the Ladies room…

Jenya and Liza Met-ArtI snuck a quickie last night…

I was at this event, you know the kind, all the big shots were there, trying to show off for each other, money, greed, ego’s, everything I have gotten tired of, but have to live with for what I do.

Looking across the room I noticed this stunning brunette, she looked as bored as I felt, but god did she look hot, bored, but hot.

I was watching her for a while, and I noticed her getting up to go to the restroom, up until now I couldn’t see her body, but damn, as soon as she stood up the entire crowd went silent and their eyes were glued to her.

I got up and followed her into the restroom, I slipped in behind her and just took a good look at this dream in front of me. Her breasts were larger than mine, but perfectly shaped, she had a tight little body and one of those asses that you could spend days just playing with and licking.

I commented on how she looked as bored out there as I felt and she let out a big sigh of relief, laughing she said that she was afraid that I was one of those “all high and mighty” chicks that she had been forced to talk to all night. I giggled and told her that the only thing that had caught my attention all night was her, and that if I spent the rest of the evening with her I would consider the night a success.

She told me her name, Jenya, and proceeded to tell me that she had hoped that I was more like her, she had noticed me across the room, and she let me know that she was “horny as hell”, those were the finest words I had heard all night, so I locked the door, slipped forward and took her into my hands and gave her the longest, deepest kiss I could. This, obviously, let Jenya know that I was open to anything at all. Our clothes couldn’t come off fast enough, and just as I thought, her body was dynamite, the nicest breasts I have every had my hands and lips on, her pussy, trimmed perfectly, tasted better than I could have imagined, and the orgasm that I had while holding her face tight to my pussy was mind blowing… I’m sure that the entire party could hear me as I let out a scream, as a matter of fact, I hope they did, it would bring a little excitement and levity to the entire group…

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Dana & Olya – The Wine Tasting

Dana & Olya love to go wine tasting! They both are very knowledgable on wine and love to go on wine tours together.

Today, they were supposed to go on a wine tour together and decided to stay in and do a little of their own “tasting”. Dana poured Olya a nice red, as Olya prefers red wine. Dana prefers white, but she was willing to share a bottle of red with Olya.

So, Dana asks Olya how she likes the wine. Olya replies with a smile and lets out a little giggle (as the wine has already begun to warm her up). She reaches over to Dana, and proceeds to kiss her. As their mouths were wide open around the other’s, and much to Dana’s surprise, Olya releases the red wine into Dana’s mouth. “Oh my God”, says Dana to herself, “that was so hot”! She instantly felt this incredible warmth and moistness between her thighs.

Dana smiled at Olya and says, “why don’t we continue this little party, in the nude… wine tasting is much more fun when you’re naked!”

Olya immediately ripped off her clothes, within a matter of seconds. Dana had her clothes off almost as quickly. She was so turned on by that incredibly sexy move that Olya played on her just moments ago, that she just jumped right into Olya’s little love nest! The loving continued all night long…

Dana & Olya both enjoyed an incredible night of sweet love, sharing each other’s love nectar along with the wine… how “yummy” is that!! Tune into Met-Art to see more of these hot ladies, maybe they’ll invite you to their next “wine tasting”!