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GG Girls Gone Wild

Mika & Alina, A Family Vacation Done Right

met-art_mikanalina1Mika & Alina always come up to the lake with their families, playing volleyball, singing songs, just basically being goofballs on vacation.

What the families have never known is that Mika & Alina have a secret place where they go to have a little more fun then their families have ever known.

Usually the girls will come to this part of the lake where no one else goes just to take a little break, and get away where they can talk about what they are doing at school, what the boys are like, and what the girls are like. their conversations always seem to steer towards sex, and how they aren’t getting as much as they would like.

About this time their bikinis usually slip off and get tossed up on the beach, they have always loved to skinny dip, and since they are starting to get hot they might as well jump in to cool off. As they keep talking about sex, the two young ladies move closer together, reaching towards each other they softly caress each others necks and kiss slowly, relishing in the smell of their best friend. While they are kissing they pull each other close, their hands start to do a little exploration.met-art_mikanalina2

Both girls are thin, sporty and sexy, with perfectly sized breasts that are perky and firm, they always seem to spend a little more time rubbing lotion on each others breasts, seemingly stuck as they reach their nipples, softly pinching and twisting, trying not to giggle too loudly, just in case someone is near. Sliding slippery hands down their bodies, they reach for the soft pussies that are even more slippery now that they both have shaved themselves. As their exploration continues they slip their fingers deep inside each other, only pulling them out to taste the sweet juices that are being lovingly created by their deft finger movements. They have been doing this long enough that they now just how to get each other off, they softly but firmly slip and slide their fingers around until they both are right on the peak, ready to fall over, and as they start to cum they press their mouths firmly together to muffle the screams that are emanating from their mouths, their hips move wildly, creating a froth in the met-art_mikanalina3water. Slowly they come down from their orgasm’s, they cuddle in each others arms, their muscles spent from the emotion, their souls cleansed by the incredible connection that they have between them.

As I said, Mika & Alina always come up to the lake with their families, playing volleyball, singing songs, just basically being goofballs on vacation, and they make love to each other every time, just making their vacations that much more memorable.

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