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Victoria & Nikky – A Day at the Beach

Victoria & Nikky are both beach lovers, in more than one way…

Yes, these two not only love to be at the beach, but they love to love each other out in the open. With nothing but the vast scenery of water and sand surrounding them.

It is a very playful love that these two share. Kissing and frolicking about, naked of course.

And they love to roll around in the sand together!

Nikky especially loves to get down into the sand. She loves to tease Victoria. She will lure her out into the water… splash her lightly to get her body a little wet (so the sand will stick to her real good)! Of course, Victoria will oblige as she never says no to Nikky.

Then, as the sun begins to set, after giggling and playing with each other for hours, they start kissing. Their kissing is long and hard and very passionate. All of a sudden, what was such a playful bliss only moments ago, has turned into an evening of pure, passionate love.

This is the way to spend a day at the beach!

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Mima & Luna – Ol’ Blue Eyes from Errotica Archives

Errotica-Archives - Mima and LunaMima & Luna first noticed each others eyes when they met on a photo-shoot, although they have completely different looks, their eyes mirror each other with a beautiful blue sheen that just looks right into your soul and warms you down below.

These girls are two of the most incredibly sexy beauties that have ever been seen. Mima, sexy, sensual, mystical, with her jet black hair and fine white skin has the exotic look of a European-Asian mix, whereas Luna has the blond hair, blue-eyed, tan skin, raw sexuality that makes you think Southern California, watching the two of them on the set exploring each others bodies is the stuff that dreams are made of, and usually they tend to be wet dreams…

Errotica-Archives - Mima and Luna naked showing their bodiesAs Mima and Luna curl up to each other they reach out and stroke each others breasts. They both have beautifully perky small breasts that fit into their hands perfectly, responding to their soft touches the nipples grow firm and each of the girls let out a soft moan.

As Luna’s hand slowly moves down across Mima’s firm stomach she softly caresses her soft mound and notices the smooth puffiness of her womanhood, puffier then her own, but just as soft, smooth, and definitely moist as hers is now. As Luna moves over Mima the camera focuses on both great asses, one golden tan, one ivory white, the contrast in color as fantastic as the site is, and everyone gets to see how beautiful and perfectly shaved they both are.

Errotica-Archives - Mima and Luna naked wrapped around each otherRolling over the girls legs intertwine, their bodies rubbing softly against each other, their fingers and lips exploring every inch of each others bodies, moist with sweat from the moment as well as the hot lights. Luna and Mima have completely lost site of the photo-shoot and are totally focused on each other, focused on their similarities and their differences, they lovingly look at each other and their eyes lock, at this time everyone can see the electric blue sparks between them, the photo-shoot is perfectly captured in time, for all to see… Legendary!

Don’t even miss this photo-shoot at Errotica-Archives, this is art, and Errotica-Archives brings it to you impeccably.

Demi & Zelda – It’s in the Eyes

Errotica-Archives Demi and Zelda on the bedDemi & Zelda love to lounge around naked on quiet summer afternoons. I remember the first time that I witnessed this lovely sight. I came home early from an afternoon of soccer and figured I would drop in on them, luckily I came unannounced otherwise I would have never believed this.

Demi and Zelda are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, they have a natural beauty that most girls would do anything for, and they don’t seem to even notice how sexy they are. Zelda, her dark hair framing her incredible face, has these hauntingly gorgeous hazel eyes that seem to just bore a hole straight into you heart, her smile lights up every day – Demi, with her lighter hair and brown eyes is just as beautiful, and her smile just melts you down to your inner core.

Errotica-Archives Demi and Zelda laying nakedLooking through partially open door I caught my first view of the two of them naked, Zelda was on top, her breasts were right in front of Demi’s face, I watched as Zelda slowly moved her body just a little bit closer, she was slightly moist with perspiration as she warmed up, I stared as Demi’s full lips closed on her beautiful nipple and smiled as Zelda let out a nervous giggle.

Her hand moved softly across Demi’s flat stomach, finally finding its mark in one of the most incredible, perfectly trimmed pussies ever, Demi’s curves were standing out proudly as she lifted her hips to the softly caressing fingers. Zelda, completely naked between her thighs, was slowly moving her hips as her emotions took over.

As you can see from the photos, Demi & Zelda really enjoyed their afternoon, I know that I did too… Check out the rest of the pics at Errotica-Archives – you won’t be disappointed.

Francesca & Mia – Beautiful, Sexy, gODDESS’ From Afar

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca and Mia just started working together, and something clicked when they first met, they have quickly become good friends, and very recently they have taken things to the next level.

Both Mia and Francesca are incredibly beautiful, very thin, very tight bodies with small, incredibly sexy breasts. Francesca, with her long luxurious blond hair and bright blue eyes just loves playing with Mia’s shorter black hair, running her fingers through it, and laughing at how easy it is to keep up compared to her longer hair. They both love laying out by the pool, and their tan-lines show that they don’t wear much when they are out there.

It was after one of these tanning sessions that things took a turn in their relationship. Coming into the house after laying out all morning, they both went to pull off their suits, Francesca couldn’t get hers untied and asked Mia to help. Mia, coming around behind her, quickly untied the bikini and let the ties fall, Francesca turned around and noticing that Mia was so close, and completely naked, she reached out to wipe a drop of sweat that was dripping off of Mia’s nipple.

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca giggled as she noticed that Mia’s nipples were as hard as could be, she couldn’t help the feelings that were growing inside her, but she couldn’t help herself and so she lowered her mouth to one of Mia’s nipples and took it between her full lips.

Mia couldn’t believe that this was happening, but had no problems with it at all as she was as hot inside as she was outside, and she was hoping to get her first experience with another girl with this sexy blond that she was standing naked next to.

Dropping to her knees, Mia got a close look at the moist, warm, completely bald pussy that she was always noticing from afar. Mia had thought of this before, but she never thought it would happen this way. Slowly she moved closer and took a full lick of Francesca, tasting the sweet nectar that was freely flowing from Francesca she let out a deep moan.

Got Girls - gODDESS - Francesca and Mia naked togetherFrancesca couldn’t stand it anymore, pushing Mia to the floor she spun around and took Mia’s sweet moistness into her mouth and pressed her pussy towards Mia’s mouth. These two sexy young women made the most fantastic sixty-nine that you could believe, and quickly came like never before, their juices flowing into each others mouth’s. They took each other to new heights throughout the day and late into the evening, and continue to this day.

Enjoy the soft sensual moments that were caught as they took their first kiss, and ever more, at gODDESS – beauty is divine. Join to enjoy all of these pics and many more.

GG Girls Gone Wild

Sandy & Trish – Island Love Affair

ALS Scan Sandy and Trish naked on the islandSandy, Trish and I planned this vacation for the longest time, there was always something that made us put it off, but suddenly we found ourselves all open at the same time, no work commitments, no family commitments, and most importantly, no boyfriend commitments.

All we could talk about the whole way to the islands was how much fun we were going to have, party every night, and lay out at the pool every day, we were all hoping that we would bring home some island guys for a little fun as well, but that wasn’t mandatory.

We all shared a suite so we could spend more time together, it worked out great as we all seemed to open up even more than usual, and after the first night in the room we all knew that we weren’t going to need to bring home any island guys this trip.

Sandy & Trish are smoking hot blonds, the guys, and many of the girls, just drool all over them anytime that they are out, they both have small bodies with the cutest little sporty breasts. When we first got there we all decided to take a swim, none of us are embarrassed about nudity, so we all just stripped down to get into our bikinis, and we had a good laugh when we saw that we all had shaved ourselves exactly the same for this trip, not a hair among us. It seems that we all thought we would surprise the other with how risque we were… gotta love it.

ALS Scan Sandy and Trish naked on the islandWhen we got out to the pool we stretched out, got some drinks, and started talking, as usual the topic turned to sex. We were all feeling good, and had the sun beating down on us, so as the conversation heated up, we heated up, and one by one our hands slipped inside our bikinis, it was an incredible sight, three blonds laying out by the pool, drinking and fingering ourselves. I was surprised, but very happy, when Trish & Sandy got up, took their bikinis off and started to touch each other… and I was really enjoying the view when Sandy bent Trish over and started to lick her from her ass to her pussy and back. I swear I must have cum 4 or 5 times while watching them getting off, by the time they had cum, I had set the camera down and got my face nice and wet in their juices as well.

Come on over to ALS Scan to see the entire set of pics from the island trip, we got much more into each other over the days we were there, from licking to sucking, fisting to strap-on, we couldn’t get enough of each other, and I’m sure you won’t either…