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Briget & Geena make each other wet for Sapphic Erotica

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Sara & Lina Out in the Garden

Sapphic Eroticas Sara and Lina getting romanticYou’ll love this photo-shoot from Sapphic Erotica, not only are the subjects incredibly beautiful, but the location is very nice as well.

Sara & Lina are sexy, tanned, sporty brunettes that obviously enjoy each other and each others bodies. The shoot starts innocently enough, Sara & Lina are toasting each other, sharing a glass of chardonnay. This scene quickly turns more sensual as they start to kiss and slowly slip out of their dresses. Sara & Lina explore each others bodies with hands, fingers & tongues, the shots as they slide their hands into their panties are extremely sexy and you will no doubt enjoy them.

Sapphic Eroticas Sara and Lina naked kissing each otherAs Lina climbs up onto Sara’s lap, Sara takes her breast into her mouth, softly running her tongue over the nipple, Lina’s ass is incredible as she rubs herself along Sara’s lap. The heat that flows from these pics are doubled as Sara breaks out a dildo and starts to take Lina to that next level.

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Linda & Devin – Poolside Partnership

Sapphic Erotica Linda and Devin NakedLinda and Devin are known for being just a little more risque then their friends, the don’t mind getting just a little bit carefree, dancing together at the local club, kissing while in public, sometimes making out when they know that someone can catch them.

They really like their time out by the pool, they are both sun-worshipers, they love the way the heat warms them up, and they always tend to get mare than close when they are poolside, they tend to get naked and they tend to get wet, whether they go in the pool or not.

Today was one of those days, as they hit the pool area they started to talk about their favorite subject, SEX… and as they were talking they each started to touch themselves, first with just a casual rub across a nipple, then a simple slip of a hand inside a pair of panties, soon their tops were tossed to the side as they dove in to lick and suck on each others beautiful nipples.

Sapphic Erotica Linda and Devin NakedSeeing the perfect opening, Devin ripped off Linda’s panties with her teeth and grabbed the dildo that she had brought out, knowing that Linda couldn’t resist a good ravishing by her dildo. They were both dripping wet by now, so slipping a couple of fingers inside herself she rubbed the dildo down and got it nice and slippery. Sliding the dildo deep inside each of their pussies, the two girls spent a good part of the morning making love to each other, their orgasm’s were deep and long, they fell asleep knowing full well that they would more than likely repeat this episode in the evening at home.

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