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Jenny & Deb, Sexy Summer Camp

Only Cuties girls naked at campWhen Jenny first met Deb at camp they were quite a bit younger, they became best friends and couldn’t wait to see each other every summer… Now that they are camp counselors they couldn’t wait to get back together and catch up on what they were doing in their lives.

Seeing Deb walk up the trail to the camp, Jenny felt a twitch between her legs that she didn’t remember being there before, and she definitely spent more time checking out Deb’s body then she remembered, and what a body it had turned out to be.

After spending the day, and most of the evening, catching up on what was going on, they got a good nights sleep and looked forward to spending the next day together, before the kids showed up and it became all work again.

Only Cuties girls naked at campJenny grabbed Deb first thing in the morning and asked her to come on down to the lake for a swim before breakfast. Deb, remembering how they are best friends, didn’t worry about just slipping out of her nightgown and into her bikini. Seeing Deb naked was more than Jenny expected, and the way that it took her breath away was better then she had thought it would be.

Once they got out to the lake, Jenny kept thinking about how she felt, and decided to take a chance and tell Deb what was going on. Jenny didn’t know what to expect, but she sure didn’t see it coming when Deb grabbed her close and kissed her full and hard on the lips. This was all Jenny could take, and before she knew it they were both naked. Jenny couldn’t believe how good it felt to take Deb’s breast’s into her hands and slip a nipple into her mouth, but it felt even better as Deb slipped two fingers inside her and flicked her tongue across her most private parts, they both had their best orgasm’s of their young lives that day, and all the other camp counselors commented on the beautiful noises they heard from the lake, Jenny and Deb just blushed, and smiled.

Only Cuties girls naked at campTheir summer at camp was even better then the ever imagined, they were closer then ever, and the times that they slipped away from everybody and made love to each other were the beginning of a great love affair.

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