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Martina & Alek – In Front of the Green Door

Met-Models Martina and Alek nakedMartina & Alek met on vacation, what started out as a simple friendship turned into an affair to remember.

I remember watching them down at the beach, casually playing in the surf, giggling to each other as the boys did stupid things to show off in front of them.

I saw them one day at their favorite hiding spot, they would get playful with each other behind this abandoned building. You couldn’t miss it with the big green door, and the two beautiful naked girls in front of it.

I stared in disbelief at the incredible site in front of me, Martina & Alek both have tight bodies, small frames, small perky boobs and keep themselves completely shaved so nothing shows when they are wearing their tiny bikinis.

Met-Models Martina and Alek naked by green doorI watched them for weeks as they playfully enjoyed each others naked bodies, getting more and more intimate as the days passed. Unfortunately I had to leave and never saw them together again, but I’m sure that their love continues today.

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Narkiss & Natalia – The Nude Beach

Picture yourself walking along a nice, quiet, secluded beach. It is a beautiful, sunny day, there is a slight, warm breeze, you hear the sounds of the ocean and you are at peace with the world… well… if only for a few moments!

Narkiss & Natalia Met ArtSo there you are, walking along, deep in thought about life, and then you stumble upon this lovely site! “Wow”, you think to yourself, “have I gone that far? Did I hit the nude beach? How did that happen?” Doesn’t even matter, right? What you are witnessing, is the playful love that Narkiss & Natalia are sharing, right before your very eyes! Yes, go ahead and say it (to yourself of course) I am a lucky devil!

Narkiss & Natalia are two very sweet, wholesome young women, who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company… especially when they are naked on the beach.

They both feel very comfortable with their sexy, trim bodies. And, as you have noticed, they both like to leave a little tuft of hair between their legs. And you think to yourself, “this is refreshing”. We are so used to seeing the shaved, naked look (which is very sexy too) but it is nice to see a little hair there, as long as it is nice and trim. It definitely works with these two… so very natural.Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Narkiss & Natalia notice you watching them. They both smile, expressing complete contentment with this. And… they are thinking of putting on a little show for you. As you are about to explode with sheer excitement, just from seeing them naked together, the ultimate fantasy happens right before your eyes! These two sexy, little ladies are making wild, passionate (and a little naughty) love within 20 feet of you! This is an awesome site. You thought you were about to explode moments ago… when you just can’t take it anymore. You have to touch yourself.  These two have turned you on so much that you have to release that pressure!

Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Oh my God… what an incredible experience! One that you will treasure forever… and tell all or your friends, of course!

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Yara and Mika, Riding Bareback…

Come and see Yara and Mika from Met-Art. These two ladies are enjoying a day of horseback riding… together. Make sure to tune into Met-Art and join their gallery… you will not be disappointed!

Carina & Eufrat – Down by the Docs

Carina and Eufrat - Met-ArtCarina & Eufrat are both mischievous girls. They like to play around and push the limits, when ever they can.

One day, they decided to head down to the docs, anticipating a nice, long boat ride on an ex-boyfriend’s boat, (minus the ex-boyfriend, of course)! It was Carina’s ex. The guy who turned out to be a total jerk! She helped him buy the boat, so she had a key, but it still felt like she was being sneaky… all the more fun!

At first, Carina was ready to set sail, on a solo cruise. Carina and Eufrat - Met-ArtBut then she thought about Eufrat and invited her to come along. She thought to herself, “Eufrat is the sexiest woman I know and she likes to get down and dirty, maybe I can get her naked out on this boat and take a long peak at that gorgeous body of hers!”

When Eufrat got the call from Carina, she was thrilled to be her “partner in crime”! Eufrat has always had a “thing” for Carina, and when she had heard of Carina’s break up with the boyfriend, she could hardly contain herself. She wanted to ask her out, as she had been fantasizing about her for months, but was too chicken to make a move.

Carina and Eufrat - Met-ArtWell, now that Carina has made the first move, this will make things much easier for Eufrat. She is planning on getting Carina naked, as quickly as possible. She has a few things up her sleeve that will help Carinia get over the ex-boyfriend, once and for all.

Eufrat and Carina both got naked, the second they saw each other at the docs! They embraced each other’s naked bodies and kissed long and hard. Eufrat had confessed to Carina… her feelings towards her. Carina was so excited by this she dropped to her knees and began to make love to Eufrat’s pussy with her mouth… Eufrat was moaning with sheer delight, completely lost in ecstasy with her new love, Carina.

The two never left the docs… but they had set sail for a long, exciting journey… together!

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Olya C. & Olya O… It’s Playtime!

Olya C. & Olya O. are two very sexy women who have been in this relationship only for a short time. They have shared some good times together, but were REALLY ready to take their relationship to the next level.

They both wanted to have a “different” experience. A “playful” experience. An incredible, earth moving experience!!

So, on this one particular evening, as they sipped their champagne, they both began to feel all warm inside. This instantly set the mood for what was about to happen!

They started caressing each others breasts, and as they both were feeling the incredible moistness between their legs, they began to kiss, frantically, as if they were taking each others very last breath, inhaling the warmth and the wetness that came with each breath they took.

This kissing went on for a very long time, they just couldn’t get enough of each other. They were so turned on at this point, neither one wanted to wait to cum. So they laid down on the bed, in a twisted, sexy sixty-nine position and began to please each other, again, frantically! They were moaning loudly with sheer delight, pure ecstasy… the love sounds coming out of these two beautiful women was incredible. As they both came multiple times, they knew that they have taken their relationship to the right place!

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