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Two On Two, The Hottest Girls From Met-Art

These two girls are the hottest top 10 models from Met-Art, naked, tight, shaved and ready  to make love… Don’t miss out on the hottest girls ever, from the hottest site ever… Met-Art

Lidiya and Niza touching their hot bodies on the boat

Come out sailing with Lidiya and Niza while they play with each others naked bodies and make each other cum over and over. Click HERE to see all of the pics at Met-Art.

Irina & Alena… What a Beautiful Morning

Ahh… “good morning beautiful”.


This is how Irina & Alena welcome in a new day together. Especially after a night of sweet love. Irina reaches over to say good morning, and Alena welcomes her in with a soft, subtle kiss. These two sexy, little lovebirds seem to “still be in the mood”.


Their affection for one another has only grown stronger with each passing day.

There is so much passion between these two, it almost seems unreal. To us… only a fantasy. To them, it is a love that is everlasting. So very real and oh, so very hot!

It looks like Irina & Alena… won’t be getting out of bed any time soon. Good for them! And, good for us to have shared some of the “warmth” that permeates this happy little love nest!

IRINA and ALENA stay in bed today

You’ll need to tune into Met-Art to see more of these lovelies! What a NICE way to start your day…

Narkiss & Natalia – The Nude Beach

Picture yourself walking along a nice, quiet, secluded beach. It is a beautiful, sunny day, there is a slight, warm breeze, you hear the sounds of the ocean and you are at peace with the world… well… if only for a few moments!

Narkiss & Natalia Met ArtSo there you are, walking along, deep in thought about life, and then you stumble upon this lovely site! “Wow”, you think to yourself, “have I gone that far? Did I hit the nude beach? How did that happen?” Doesn’t even matter, right? What you are witnessing, is the playful love that Narkiss & Natalia are sharing, right before your very eyes! Yes, go ahead and say it (to yourself of course) I am a lucky devil!

Narkiss & Natalia are two very sweet, wholesome young women, who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company… especially when they are naked on the beach.

They both feel very comfortable with their sexy, trim bodies. And, as you have noticed, they both like to leave a little tuft of hair between their legs. And you think to yourself, “this is refreshing”. We are so used to seeing the shaved, naked look (which is very sexy too) but it is nice to see a little hair there, as long as it is nice and trim. It definitely works with these two… so very natural.Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Narkiss & Natalia notice you watching them. They both smile, expressing complete contentment with this. And… they are thinking of putting on a little show for you. As you are about to explode with sheer excitement, just from seeing them naked together, the ultimate fantasy happens right before your eyes! These two sexy, little ladies are making wild, passionate (and a little naughty) love within 20 feet of you! This is an awesome site. You thought you were about to explode moments ago… when you just can’t take it anymore. You have to touch yourself.  These two have turned you on so much that you have to release that pressure!

Narkiss & Natalia Met Art

Oh my God… what an incredible experience! One that you will treasure forever… and tell all or your friends, of course!

You’ll need to tune into Met-Art and visit these two lovebirds, you won’t be disappointed!

Bella & Ashanti – A Russian Tête à Tête

Met-Arts Bella and Ashanti - nakedTaking one look at these two girls will show you why the Eastern European girls are so in demand today.

Ingret has done a great job here starting with two beautiful girls, both 26 years old Russian beauties. Bella, a sexy girl next door blond has incredible medium size breasts, a great ass and just a small tuft between her legs… very sexy! Ashanti, with her long dark hair, braided and hanging over her shoulders, fantastic medium breasts, and nice firm ass is just such a hottie! And these two girls together make an awesome scene, you will love the way that they mold themselves around each other and hold and stroke each others bodies!

These two had so much fun at the photo shoot… Met-Art girls - naked and enjoying each otherthey were just giggles all the way, they definitely enjoy what they are doing and enjoy each other… AND… we think they might have “continued” the “fun” long after the photo shoot was done.  Can you imagine?  What a hot night of girl-girl love!!

If you want to see more of these sexy babes, then you need to tune in and watch them at Met Art.


Atena & Dana… Ooooo La La!

Met-Art Atena and Dana naked holdingeach other

We found these lovely ladies at ErosSkin’s Legendary Beauty website. And as you can see, we felt that these girls would be perfect for our site. Seeing these two together is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

So come with me, on a journey to a wonderful land of love…

Atena & Dana are two very sexy, sensual young women who simply love to love each other. They love the soft, subtle approach… the kind of love that just oozes sweetness!Met-Art Atena and Dana kissing naked

They are both very attentive to one another… in EVERY way. Atena will kiss Dana’s face, ever so softly, with her sweet, supple lips.. slowly running them across Dana’s lips as if to tease her, but in a very gentle way. As Dana starts to get all warm inside… she puts her hands and her long fingers around the sexy curves of Atena’s ass, squeezing softly yet firmly to let Atena know that she is there and she is ready to give her love to her completely.

Ooooo La La indeed! If you would like to see more of Atena & Dana and be a witness to their sweet love for one another, visit them here and thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Itna & Freya – Industrial Beauty

Met-Art Itna and Freya naked by fanIf this isn’t a beautiful dream sequence, then what is?

Itna & Freya, shot in an industrial setting by Rylsky, their incredibly soft sexy bodies in complete contrast to the warehouse feel, a large metallic industrial fan as the backdrop, this is a stunning photo-shoot.

Freya, with her long dark hair is stunning, beautiful small breasts, sexy tanned naked body, completely shaved for a totally smooth look, Freya has an exotic look that just melts you.

Itna, her softly curled red hair flowing over her shoulders, is stunning as well. She has larger breasts, fairer skin and just a small amount of lovely hair between her legs, trimmed to perfection into a “V”.

Met-Art Itna and Freya showing off their bodies, climbing on fanThe two of them together are simply perfect, they move together like they know each others little ins and outs, molding their bodies around each other, showing off each others bodies just right.

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Yara and Mika, Riding Bareback…

Come and see Yara and Mika from Met-Art. These two ladies are enjoying a day of horseback riding… together. Make sure to tune into Met-Art and join their gallery… you will not be disappointed!