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GG Girls Gone Wild

Nancy & Cindy – Bedroom Bliss

nancy_cindy1Nancy & Cindy have a wild, kind of love for each other. Their passion for one another is incredibly intense. So much so, that when they make each other orgasm, the walls surrounding them can actually shake!  Not really, but it seems that way.

These two are absolute animals together. They are wild, extremely limber and very energetic. They have such an incredible connection, not only in a sexual way, but they are connect through their souls.

When these two discovered each other, it was like releasing the hounds… thenancy_cindy3 hounds of love! They had an instant attraction to each other. An instant, sexual attraction.

Nancy is the aggressive one in the relationship. And… Cindy being submissive, is absolutely fine with this. She loves the way that Nancy will grab her, just on an impulse, pull her into her and start kissing her frantically. Almost as if Cindy were her prey.

Nancy loves to surprise Cindy with this aggressiveness, by ripping her clothes off, throwing her on the bed and diving into her sweetness with her mouth wide open and ready to take her to another world. A world of sheer delight, no doubt!

nancy_cindy2Cindy absolutely loves this!! Sometimes she will cum, the second that Nancy’s tongue meets her pussy. She will start to quiver and Nancy knows that this is her cue. Her cue to bring Cindy right on home.

Cindy, who would prefer to kiss a bit more as part of the foreplay, (whereas Nancy likes to dive right in), loves to tease the hell out of Nancy with her soft, subtle kisses around her mound. She loves to run her tongue along the outside of Nancy’s little love button! This drives Nancy crazy! So much so, that she will grab Cindy’s head and start making love to her face like a wild women! And, she will cum like there is no tomorrow!

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Adela & Susana – Sweet Love by the Poolside

As Adela strolled out to the pool she knew that she was going to be in for a treat… There was Susana laying out by the pool, completely naked, getting warmed by the heat of the sun. Adela gazed lovingly at the beads of sweat slowly dripping down from Susana’s breasts, starting at the beautiful nipples and flowing between her soft mounds and pooling up on her chest before running down between her legs. All that Adela could think of was how much she would love to be that bead of sweat right now.

As she walked over next to Susana, Susana lifted with a jolt to cover herself with a towel, Adela giggled and told her not to cover up just for her benefit, Susana set the towel back down and with a sheepish grin asked if Adela would mind rubbing some lotion on her back. Adela took this as the perfect invitation and she slipped in close, hoping that Susana wouldn’t notice that even though she had just stepped out into the sun, she was just as moist as Susana was between her legs, but for completely different reasons. rubbing lotion on Susana’s back, Adela couldn’t help but to reach around and softly cup the breasts that she had so recently longed for, hearing the soft groan and the way that Susana pushed back at her with her hips, Adela moved in for the kill.

Laying Susana back and spreading her legs, Adela take a deep breath and sucked the musky smell deep into her lungs, slipping her tongue softly between the legs that were parted in front of her, Adela took Susana to places that she had never been before. The heat of the day just added to the emotions, and soon they were both writhing in ecstasy, their faces covered in the beautiful juices of their lover, their bodies spent from an afternoon of sweet love by the poolside.

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