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Anna & Olga – Dream Lovers

Quietly slipping into the bedroom I catch a glimpse of Anna & Olga, two young girls that are staying in the same bed & breakfast that I am. Luckily they haven’t noticed me standing in the doorway, but I sure have noticed them, laying on the bed, completely naked, and obviously very much in love.

Anna is laying back while Olga is softly rubbing her back, the two of them look great together, they are both adorable, with that European look that I just love, and they both have the same build, lean and trim, with the cutest little boobs that you have ever seen. Both Anna & Olga have great asses, shapely, small, firm, just perfect. All of the guys around here have noticed how cute they are, but from what I can see, they are more interested in each other then the guys around here.

As Olga turns Anna over you see just how beautiful they are, Olga continues to explore Anna’s body and slips in softly for a gentle kiss. While they are kissing, Olga gently strokes Anna’s soft breasts, I can tell from the low moans that they are both so in to each other that the electricity is just flowing between them. As Anna lays her head back, Olga caresses and licks her neck.

I can see the moistness between their legs now, as they thrust their hips towards each other I get a perfect view of the completely shaved nakedness between Anna’s legs. Olga has a cute tuft of hair between her legs, just as beautiful, just as moist. As Olga’s fingers find Anna’s “G” spot Anna thrusts again, and lays back, completely spent. I have a hard time keeping quiet while watching this, but I don’t want to break the mood, so I stay quiet and watch as the two beauties cuddle with each other and drift off to sleep.

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Bring on the heat – 3 naked babes from Hegre-Art

We’ve got the hottest girls for you from Hegre-Art, Krista, Lysa and Ruslana go to the beach and get all over each other…

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Jana & Sofia – In a Christmas Mood

Hegre-Art Jana and Sofia naked hugging each otherChristmas all year round – isn’t that what you always wanted, well, have we got a deal for you.

Jana & Sofia have always loved Christmas too, and just for fun they have decided to give themselves the gift of love this year, and we are enjoying the gift of lust while watching them.

Hegre-Art Jana and Sofia naked rubbing their bodies togetherDark haired Jana has brought a pair of small gifts to the affair, small but perfectly formed and as perky as can be. She brings the beauty of youth with her 19 year old body, and she obviously has already received a razor, because she is naked as can be in her most intimate of areas. Sofia is a red hot blond with larger breasts, but we think she has been given the gift of a perfectly shaved body as well.

You will be jumping for Jana when you get a look of these two stunning babes, pussy to pussy, incredible legs wrapped in long red stockings, completely naked and sharing their gifts with each other.

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Anna & Olga from Hegre-Art, Relaxing in the Tub

Hegre-Art Anna and Olga taking a bathIt’s been a really long year this week… and coming home all I could think of was to soak in the bathtub, let the weeks stress melt off me, and, if all goes as planned, to spend a little time making my girlfriend moan, which of course helps to relieve her stress, if you know what I mean.

My girlfriend, Olga, has the cutest little titties you could imagine, I tease her constantly as I press my breasts against her lips, that usually will earn me a nibble on my nipple, but its all in fun, and well worth the little bit of pain, for the immense pleasure that I know I will be getting.

I’m hoping to be able to sneak a razor into the bath soon so i can shave Olga clean like me, she seems to like the slightly natural look with just a little bit of fuzz, but I definitely get into the bald look, it just makes it so much nicer when I am down there playing around.

Hegre-Art Anna and Olga taking a bathOne of my favorite things while laying in the tub with Olga is to just lay back against her and have her reach around and massage by breasts, it just seems to help me melt the day away, feeling her warm breath on my neck, and usually she will slip a couple of fingers inside me just as I get nice and relaxed, of course I can’t help but to ride those fingers for all I can, it is just one of those simple pleasures that I can’t get enough of.

So next time that you need to relax, slip into the tub with your loved one, get nice and hot, and then try to make a mess… it’s the best remedy for the work week that I can think of.

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