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GG Girls Gone Wild

Katy and Candy Lounging by the pool… a lovely sight indeed!

Katy and Candy Evas GardenHere we see these two sweet, young lovers enjoying a day at the pool.

Katy and Candy are best friends as well as lovers. They love being with each other all of the time.

Candy smiles with playful delight as Katy caresses the back of her thigh, anxiously anticipating her long, slender fingers to slip inside of her.

As the two continue flirting about, Katy decides to pull Candy into the water. Much to Candy’s surprise, Katy has a handy little “pool toy” with her, that she insists on using on Candy, under water. This “little” pool toy, isn’t so little… in fact, Katy had a hard time strapping it on, under water when Candy wasn’t looking!

The two had played with their toy in the water, for quite some time… taking turns wearing it and making each other feel good!

Katy and Candy Eva's Garden

After a while, they decided to get out and lounge a little bit. So they took turns putting suntan oil, all over each other’s sexy little bodies. As you can see, they had a nice little treat, lying down right next to them.

As Katy and Candy continued to rub oil on each other, getting extremely turned on by this, this little treat next to them, asked if she could join in. Now, how could they say “no”?

So each one took turns rubbing oil on the other, softly and slowly letting the oil drip over their breasts and nipples, they were all giggling with pleasure!

Katy and Candy Eva's GardenSo if you would like to see more of this sexy trio, all oiled up and ready to go, you’ll need to tune into Eva’s Garden. And make sure that you bring enough oil, you will not want to see these ladies run out.